• You can block users by going onto their contributions, and then hitting "block." Then, you can set the time, reason, and optionally disable message wall posting, autoblock, and account creation.

    You already know the most of the chat tools. For admins, however, they can actually promote users to chat mod from inside the chat. They can also kick/ban chat mods and ban other admins, which is something chat mods can't do. However, they cannot kick other admins.

    Deleting pages is simple. Next to the "edit" button on pages, on the sidebar, there's a delete button. Simply type a reason then delete it. On deleted pages, where it says "this page has been deleted blah blah blah" there's a button that says "view/restore" Don't even bother trying to view it, because the only way you can do so is by going into the deleted edit history, and even then. But restoring pages works like deleting them. However, when you restore a page, all protection is lost from it. So you gotta reprotect it after you restore it. (or not)

    Then, there's protecting pages. It's found in the edit sidebar, just like the option to delete pages. There are 3 levels of protection: No protection, established registered users, and admins only. Established registered users means only non-anons who have been on the wiki for 4 days or more. Admins-only is self-explanitory. You can also set a time limit for protection, but it's useless.

    Deleted User Contributions allows you to view all the edits people have made on deleted pages. It's a shitty tool, honestly.

    User rights management is where you go to promote/demote users. However, if you're only an admin and not a bureaucrat, you can only promote/demote forum mods and chat mods.

    MediaWiki pages are the wiki's hardware. You can edit certain wiki messages with them. There are many MediaWiki pages. One allows you to change username colors, while another allows you to change the kick message.

    Then, there's the theme designer. It allows you to change the background and shit. Can't really say anymore than that.

    Finally, there's wiki features. Basically where you go to set certain wiki options, like chat, forums, etc.

    Man, I should make a blog on LMR explaining the user rights..................

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